Great pharmacy! One of the few places I'm able to walk in and just buy Xylamelts. Keep it local, don't fuss with waiting on the Amazon jungle. I guess if you have to, the jungle works, but whatevs.

Jason C.
Salem, OR

I'm a big fan of small business and Redlands is one of those areas where there is a large amount of small businesses. Cajon Pharmacy is your basic no-frills pharmacy located in downtown Redlands.

Eduardo B.
Redlands, CA

These guys are amazing. Quick, knowledgeable, and a good value. Can't recommend enough.

Travis H.
San Bernardino, CA

Best customer service, hands down! Khalid was very patient with me as I struggled with my brain fog from chemo. He explained everything for me and was just all around a pleasure to deal with.

Heather M.
Anaheim, CA

From my very first visit I was extremely pleased by the level of professionalism and service I received. I lived in Riverside at the time, so going to Redlands was no problem after an appointment.

Samantha J.
Sunland-Tujunga, CA

Wow this pharmacy is great! I started using them yesterday because the pharmacy I was going to is no longer open to the public. I have never received customer service like I have from the guys at Cajon Pharmacy, extremely nice and helpful. Definitely glad I chose this pharmacy!

Wil H.
Mentone, CA